GAZYVO (Obinutuzumab)

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What is it and how is it used?

What is Gazyvaro?
Gazyvaro contains the active substance obinutuzumab, which belongs to a group of medicines called "monoclonal antibodies".

Antibodies by binding to specific target structures in your body.

What is Gazyvaro used for?
Gazyvaro is used together with another anti-cancer drug called chlorambucil for the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).

CLL is a blood cancer that affects certain white blood cells - the so-called "B lymphocytes".

The affected B lymphocytes multiply too fast and live too long. This means that there are too many of them in your blood. CLL can also cause your lymph nodes to swell.

The lymph nodes are part of a vascular network that is present in your body and filled with a clear, aqueous fluid, the "lymph".
Gazyvaro is used in adult patients:

Which have not received any treatment at all and

Who have other health ailments, which they are unlikely to tolerate a complete dose of another drug called fludarabine.

What is Gazyvaro about?
Gazyvaro attaches to target structures on the surface of "B lymphocytes" and causes them to die. In patients with CLL, it is administered together with chlorambucil to stop the aggravation of its disease.

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