Cerezyme (imiglucerase)


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Recipeable: Yes
Active ingredient: imiglucerase
authorization holder Genzyme, DC Naarden, The Netherlands
Application: Other

How does the remedy work?

The agent contains the enzyme imiglucerase, which replaces the body-borne enzyme, which is missing in the Gaucher disease type I (a hereditary disease). In this disease, the enzyme betaglucosidase is partly or completely absent.Enzymes accelerate metabolic processes in the body or set them in motion. The missing enzyme in Gaucher's disease has the task of degrading so-called glucocerebrobroside.

Glucocerebroside are substances that are mainly contained in the white substance of the brain. They consist of a sugar portion and a fat portion. Glucocerebroinses are constituents of binding sites in the nerve tissue, to which, for example, messengers can bind. Since the enzyme betaglucosidase is not sufficiently present in Gaucher's disease, the glucocerebroinses can not be broken down and accumulate in the body.

They deposit above all in cells (liver cells, liver, spleen, lymph nodes, tonsils, intestinal mucosa and bone marrow). This leads to enlargement of these organs. The signs and symptoms of Gaucher's disease include, but are not limited to: Blood deficiency Lack of blood platelet disease, bone and joint pain Enlargement of liver and spleen The agent replaces the body's own enzyme and is suitable for long-term treatment if the user is diagnosed with Gaucher type I Gaucher became.

In which fields of application the funds are used?

To replace the missing enzyme in Gaucher disease type I.

How is the remedy used?

The agent is given as an infusion into a vein.

When can not the remedy be used?

In case of hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the product.

Can the use of pregnant and lactating women be used?

The treating physician decides on the application in pregnancy and lactation.

What side effects may occur?

Itching, burning, swelling or sterile abscess at the injection site nausea vomiting stomach cramps diarrheal eruptions fatigue headaches fever dizziness

Interactions are known with the following substances:

Not known.


In the first year of treatment, approximately 15% of the users use antibodies against the agent. After the first 12 months of application the formation of antibodies is very rare. Your doctor should regularly check if you have antibodies. If this is the case, there is a risk that an over-sensitivity reaction will occur. The application must be carried out with the utmost care. It may be necessary to use other means to prevent hypersensitivity reactions.

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